The Very Best One Can Be – Magnetic Thinking and the Magnetic Thinking Triad

A Practical Compendium of Strategic Thinking & Objective Attainment Processes Begins Here

Models for success are fascinating and inspirational. Taking a decision to learn and apply them was a dramatic turning point in my life. Success work is fun, exciting and a repeatable habit that can become a daily praxis. The more you do it, the more and better results you get. When you learn what to do and how to do it, and are willing to try with an open and expectant mind, it is possible to enjoy laying the foundations for such rapid and empowering transformation that the idea ‘your dreams can come true’ can truly be brought to life, in your life. Once the foundations are laid, with continued focus, the results will fall into place as you continue to combine inspired and planned actions with relaxation and letting go.

On this blog I will present many models of success. Each of them point in the same direction. Each of them work, if they are worked. They do not require great efforts. Ironically, they require such comforts as relaxation, breathing, positive and vivid use of imagination and a particular attitude – that of open-minded, enthusiastic expectancy. So there is some flexing of muscle, but what else is muscle to do but stay flaccid or wither – use the muscle, experience the growth and transformation, only in ways that are pleasant and exactly right for you in pace and degree.

Please allow me the great honor to introduce to you the concept of the Magnetic Thinking triad, introduced to me by one Bob Dignard, an American in Brazil at present, around ten years ago in 2005, on recommendation from another great friend and mentor, Johan Taft of London, originally a naval officer from Beligum and now a great businessman and peak performance consultant.

Magnetic thinking is the principle that a certain way of thinking – of feelings and emotions – of state – of words and what you say to yourself – of vision and imagination – and of spirit – soul and connection to ‘God’ in whatever myriad of ways God seeks you out and comes to you, TOGETHER become an unstoppable force, an irresistable current, drawing towards you, what it is that you desire.

Magnetic thinking is a potent formula, an elixir, a potion, a metaphysical mixture of the triad of:


– being very clear on what it is that you want, your objective or goal to the point that it is very easy to focus on what your desire is, because you know precisely what it is, in all necessary detail. Desire is the emotional energy. This is not the same desire as want or wantoness – rather it is the empowered sense of knowing very clearly what your outcome, goal or want actually is. Paradoxically, in becoming absolutely clear on what you want, you become desireless, which is the precise state that tends to attract to you effortlessly what it is that you really want. I use the term beyond desire, because we are talking here about the emotional energy – the feeling and absolute trust and knowing of having what you want, in the present moment, such that your mind really cannot tell the difference between the current external reality and the reality of having precisely what you desire, right now, in your feeling state. Having what you want, in your mind, tends to satisfy desire, satisfy your mind. This in turn gives a sense of confidence and serenity. This is essentially a form of freedom from the ego, with focus on a clear outcome held in mind, understanding and believing that if we possess sufficient positive and clear emotion and intention, essentially harmonising with the energetic vibrational frequency to attract our desired outcome, this is sufficient enough to set in motion the laws required to set nature into momentum for us receive that outcome into our lives, in the present moment, even if it requires passing through some clock-time before we are living in the manifested outcome itself.


– the energy of imagination is possibly woman and man’s greatest gift. Imagination is what enables us to envision our goals, our desired outcomes, what it is we want in our lives. There is no financial or transactional relationship in this. Imagination seems to come free, as a gift from God to use or misuse as we choose. That we have this free choice is crucial. That we harness and make use of our imaginations is even more important. Our imagination holds the key to our ability to communicate and focus on what we desire, through envisioning that reality. This aspect of the magnetic thinking triad involves honing a very clear, very detailed, succinct, big, 3D vision in your mind. The more you can crreate the experience in your mind of ‘living in your goal’ before it has even been achieved, the more you will be convinced of it being yours in the present moment, which is vital. The vision should include the sights, sounds, smells, what you will be hearing internally (saying to yourself, or hearing intuitively), and externally – sounds on the outside, in addition to linking this vision in total integrity to the emotional and feeling energy you created in the first step.


– the combination of faith and gratitude are a phenomenal synergy. The activation of the spiritual energy takes place when creative imagination fully develops the vision of what is to be – the design step of destiny – the power of creative imagination and fully immersing oneself into the full feeling (fulfilling) energy of having what one truly desires and has decided to set about obtaining using this method of manifestation. Faith is the total belief, the conviction without any shred of doubt of the attainment of the desired end result. Certainty is power. A superb and proven adjunct is gratitude – being thankful, in advance, for the experience and total knowing that the goal apparent is the goal in the moment. Forward gratitude is a phenomenal tool for positive thinking energy, boosting faith and dissolving doubt. Feeling good, in the moment, is in itself an attractor factor for happiness and success. The academic field of positive psychology, and the mystics of the ages have confirmed that ‘gratefulness brings great fullness to life’. This vital aspect to the Magnetic Thinking triad is what truly magnetises your goal like a supernatural force for good. It demonstrates your willingness to bring faith and spirituality into the equation – an area far too often neglected in a politicised and often secular world, on one where perceived negative aspects of religion have betrayed the power, benefit and truth of simple and perhaps universal spiritual principles. Let go and enjoy the process.

Listen to this audio of the teacher who first introduced me to Magnetic Thinking, Bob Dignard, going through with me one of my first major manifestation results using Magnetic Thinking and all of its elements in 2006 – happier times have been had since that’s for sure. It’s my gift to you.

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