30 Day Challenge – Radiant Health, Vitality and Ideal Body Mass

Hi all,

I’m committed to 30 days of enjoying moving each day towards abundant and radiant health and I’m on day 2 as I write. I’m committed to writing or publishing a piece of content each day as I move towards my goal.

I began by writing out 20 ways I could lose weight and stay in shape, things I either know have worked in the past, could work, or ought to work.

That was on day 0.

On day 1, yesterday, I made a 20 minute intro video to talk about the challenge. I also attended the gym and did the following exercises.

1. Lateral pulldown, approx kg, 10 reps each, 30, 40 50, 50
2. Forward pulldown (not sure the name of this machine), 25,30,40
3. Seated row machine, 25,30,35
4. 180 degree bench Chest press (dumbells x 2) 14,18,20,22
5. 12 x 3 minute rounds of alternate boxing (around 60 punches per minute), alternate 2.5 minute jog, with 2 x 15 second faster jog intervals. Each round has a 30 second break.

I felt the fact I had not been gyming for several weeks. But I had done a few 7.5km runs with colleagues in London over the last two months, which seemed to make the running somewhat easier.

This was a good resistance workout, though not quite as thorough as what I normally do.
I will share on this blog my full “3 day split” and the accompanying eating theory and practise that I have previously used with good effect. Something tells me that “consistency is key” – and yet – do you find that “consistency is hard” – that is clearly a belief that needs to be worked on and changed and I will do that as part of the ‘proofs’ of factors that work, on this journey.

My last training I did the 12 x 3 aerobic last time after training and it was tiring, but I felt it was slightly easier than yesterday, partly because of putting weight on and not exercising, and partly because last time I took supplements, one of which included Siberian Ginseng, which seemed to make a huge difference to my levels of energy for the aerobic. I also did a 10+ minute aerobic warmup that time, and the full split training. So there are factors there that suggest if I continue training, my capacity for more exercise will increase. Though more is not necessarily better.

I’ll end this post with a few commitments.

Firstly, in addition to sharing the introduction video to the 30 day challenge I am working, I will share by the end of this month a sample of the Health Supercharger subliminal audio I have created with a number of features that I believe make it one of the most powerful mind-power hypnosis products I’ve ever created. Everything on that audio is in alignment with the principles taught by multiple authors and while quantity of proof does not equal proof, given the success of these authors there’s no reason to me why they would be teaching deliberately techniques that do not work. I don’t believe they’re playing ‘follow me leader’ I believe they’re teaching what they have practiced and has actually worked for them, and this material has worked for me also, so I believe it will aid me on my 30 days quest.

Secondly, I will keep this blog updated, if not every day, then updating on each day every few days. I will continue to commit to publishing some form of content daily. This will either appear on my youtube channel, samuk1000, or on here, or on some other website.

Thirdly, I’ll begin sharing the strategies I am using, testing, attempting, in order to put luck and probability on side that I make headway with my goal.

In terms of a review of today, I had a healthy breakfast consisting of tofu, some miso soup, a healthy supplement bar (though contained a little honey and chocolate.

I had two plates of food for lunch which was too much, most of it was reasonably healthy, though some extras like sauces and white naan bread which is more likely to have contained ’empty’ calories. This was at a buffet. One plate would have sufficed. So I need to be kind and accepting of doing that, or else destructive ‘disapproval’ mode will start implying failure and so I might start ‘failing more’ in an insane pattern that is unhelpful and again, needs work.

I had fruit for desert and a thin slice of chocolate sponge cake with cream and icing.

For the record here, I felt guilty or regretful about both the second plate and the chocolate slice. This suggests I might be trying to restrict, but then the truth is that I wanted to stop when I felt full and I wanted to avoid the cake, but ‘found myself’ having the second and the cake. I will explore this in the subpersonality negotiation, and make sure I give my rational mind a real chance to communicate, in addition to the ‘part of me’ that put ‘getting my money’s worth’ and ‘indulgence’ and ‘gratification’ and ‘ha, I told you so, you can’t do it’ and ‘you’ll never do this’ a full chance of exploration too.

I am not sure that I intend to eat dinner, but if I am hungry later I will.

To end this post, I will quickly share my own interpretation and paraphrase Paul McKenna’s key points on ‘the secrets of naturally thin people’ as a reminder that I could be practising these principles and being happy doing so, rather than getting into a mess with second plates at buffets and chocolate indulgences on day 2 of a 30 days to abundant health and radiant fitness challenge!

1. Drink water, plenty of it, more water! 2l+ per day. Hydrate more often and assume hydration is needed rather than hunger when you think you might be hungry, and rehydrate, then re-asses for hunger.
2. Eat only when hungry. Rate yourself 1-10 on a hunger scale and only eat when above a 6 or 7. Otherwise, drink water, or wait until you’re actually hungry.
3. Stop when full. Rate yourself 1-10 in fullness, and stop at a 6-7 – 2/3 full. Enjoy being satiated at a 6/7.
4. Eat what you want. Don’t restrict. Allow yourself to eat what you really want to when you are hungry. This is not a diet.
5. Chew properly. Grind up the food with your teeth and allow digestion to begin, as it should within the buccal cavity (the space past the lips, aka the mouth). Chew mindfully. Savour each mouthful. Really enjoy it, and chew up some more.

I’ll also add to these.

6. Collect the data – either journal, blog, diary or app it (more on that later).
7. Do something every day to maximise your health, fitness mental attitude. Take an action – exercise, move your body, stretch, go workout, walk. Also listen to hypnosis, work on goals, read something useful. Don’t be a mental loafer.

That’s it for today.
Day 2, signing off. Probably a weigh in day will happen in the next 5-10 days. Check back with me soon, ok?


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