30 Day Radiant Health & Vitality Challenge Day 3

I woke up this morning after about 5 hours of sleep and got up and took a shower. I told myself I don’t want to do a 7.5km run this evening. I also I’d 25 pushups last night and 25 this morning. It will take some guts to commit to the run, in spite of not sleeping as well as I could have.

Last night I ate well, in that I ate a protein shake, carrots and some chicken breast. That’s a big improvement on the normal carby meal before bed, and a possible sign of changing that habit.

I also noticed that in the supermarket where I bought the carrots, I was more aware of what I did and didn’t genuinely want to buy and/or eat.

Scanning shelves where I might have thought I want to eat this stuff previously – scotch eggs, hummus, maybe sausage rolls or pasties, crisps (aka potato chips) and there was no desire at all to go there which is a huge change for me.

I am happy with this progress. However, I am also conscious that there is clearly much more work to be done. For example, the poor sleep hygiene last night could be an unconscious self sabotage as tiredness can sometimes be a trigger for unhelpful thinking or the desire for a food fix. The very fact I am writing this and not more positive statements is a clue that suggests I will need to put in some legwork today and be very kind and gentle this evening after my run in order to keep sane and safe, and progress towards my goal.

I will do a simple exercise and list all the whys right now around the desire or intention: I achieve and maintain perfect, radiant health and vibrant vitality and I am happy, joyous and free.

1. I will feel more confident.
2. My body is my temple.
3. It will promote longevity.
4. I will feel more connected spiritually.
5. I will have greater awareness.
6. It will give me faith and confidence in my ability – I believe in myself more.
7. I can celebrate success with positive and happy emotions like gratitude, enthusiasm and pleasure.
8. I’ll know I have solutions and strategies that can be applied to any area of life.
9. I will be sharing a positive and empowering experience.
10. I will feel more good about myself.
11. I deserve to feel great and have a better body that I take care of.
12. I will feel more emotionally balanced.
13. I will naturally have more energy.
14. My relationships will improve as I feel better about myself.
15. I will feel proud of myself.
16. I will feel motivated to achieve more.
17. I will feel confident and happy about going on holiday.
18. I will enjoy eating and drinking a lot more as I savor and enjoy eating what I really want to.
19. I will be more in control and making decisions and choices that I am pleased with and that bring me pleasure.
20. I will be embarking on a personal development journey where not only my health and well-being are changing for the better, permanently, but I get to impact all areas of my life by takin healthier decisions and setting up a belief system that supports, encourages and ensures success, rather than continuing on one where sabotage sometimes wins out over the higher ideals.

That’s it for now. I will finish by asking and how does achieving all of this make me feel? What will achieving all of this look like? How will I know I have achieved this? And what am I doing, what am I hearing and saying to myself and in what context, knowing I have achieved these benefits? A good question set to get emotionally connected and motivated and start to visualise and sculpt the future.

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