30 Days to Abundant Health & Radiant Vitality with Weight Loss Day 4

Hi everyone,

I am at the start of day 4 of my journey right now and yesterday went well.

For breakfast I had oatmeal with unsweetened almond milk and a supplement bar plus a vitamin and supplement regiment that includes:

Cod Liver Oil
Evening Primrose Oil

Ate about 30-40g of chicken breast.

I drank about 1 litre of water as well.
For snack I had banana.
For lunch I went to Pret and had 2 boiled eggs with raw spinach leaves.
Also had the soy chocolate chia pudding.
Had an Americano with soy milk.

For snack I had an egg cress sandwich and a protein shake.

For supper I had another 30-40g of chicken, quite a few carrot sticks with hummus (maybe 2 cups of carrots) and most of the tub of hummus. Drank a further litre of water throughout the day.

Pleased again that I skipped crisps and chocs.

I also went to sleep around 11pm and sleep to 7.45am

Rather than my work run I did an excellent workout consisting of:

Chest press dumbbells inclined 10 reps at KG x 4

Chest press dumbbells flat 10 reps x 4 st
16;18;20;22 (6reps on last)

Fly, Flat press, Incline press supersede 7,7,7 (only managed 7,5,0 I think x 1)

This was followed by pec deck at

Then triceps pushups at body weight z 4
Then triceps pushups with feet elevated on step at body weight x 3 or 4

Then a 40 minute spinning class.

So a full resistance workout followed by a hard aerobic workout.

Deserved those carrots !

I also listened to two of my audios altogether for 90 minutes, Health Supercharger and Confidence Supercharger.

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