Days 5+6 of 30 Days to Abundant & Radiant Health & Vibrant Vitality

Well, I missed a day of content first of all, but I am not going to overcompensate with this post, because there is not very much to add apart from the 30 day journey is going very well so far.

What I have done is ensured I have listened at least for 30 minutes, and up to 1 hour to either my Abundant Health Supercharger prototype audio tech, or my Self-Confidence Supercharger, or to the Self-Esteem Supercharger.

Let me mention the Health Supercharger first of all. For the last 15 years (wow it has been a long time), I have experimented, now and again, with subliminal messages, hypnosis and other technology aimed at directly influencing the unconscious mind, consciously.

That’s because I’ve personally wanted and needed to change my thinking and transform my life. I tend to share or develop products and services, when I’ve tried them myself, and they work.

Sticking with the Health audio, there are two things to say.

(1) I’ve found that I’ve very easily avoided the sorts of foods and beverages that cause me to pack on pounds and feel very lethargic and unhealthy. This to me, is not much short of a miracle. I mean I’ve had 9 months of habit that I have barely had a day of respite from. I started to believe my eating junk had developed into a serious addiction and that I had lost control. I had lost hope, given up trying and frankly, to gain even a day of respite from that, I feel that is a fantastic result and I put that down to the loving, nurturing and empowering commands I’ve weaved into the subliminal and hypnotic Abuundant Health Supercharger, that I will at some point release and share, either at a very low and affordable price point, or for free, I haven’t decided yet. It’s massively helped me to feel great about working out, and to follow through with eating sensibly.

(2) With the change that seems to be taking place, I’ve experienced some uncomfortable times for sure, emotionally. Listening to the audios have definitely supported me to feel much more comfortable or even at times, I would go as far as to say ecstatic. I’ve not been able to escape some feelings perhaps I have been stuffing down with food or avoiding feeling. So there have been times the last couple of days I’ve had negative thoughts and feelings as well as positive ones. This is likely a deeply held self-sabotage programme. I’ve previous mentioned I would employ and share techniques to deal with such.

Therefore, I propose that tomorrow, I will share my day 1 video, and create a new video whereby I perform a sub personality negotiation, in a simple but very effective way that is often taught as a part of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) practice.

I weigh in at somewhere between 108 and 115 kilograms. My body mass goal is that:

I am 100kg or less.

This will take me from the obese aspect of body mass index (BMI) charts and into healthy or normal.

Eaing-wise, I won’t share a daily food diary. However, for breakfast today I had a very modest portion of cheesy pasta my daughter had prepared at Home Economics class. Whereas I would ordinarily have had a porridge with nuts, dried fruit and honey, this was nipped in the bud as soon as the thought came to mind.

I would also share at this juncture that on a long train journey, late at night, last night, there was a particulrly drunk, and increasingly irritating and abusive passenger who I eventually moved away from. And in so doing, I managed to lose my bunch of keys including some keyring souvenirs from events, the front door key to my house, a locker key to a locker in a central government building.

I was quite upset about this. I felt somewhat tired and frustrated by the journey. I felt powerless. And angry. I even thought the drunk passenger might have stolen it out of spite.

At 12:15 I took two associates to a two course dinner in a hotel. This consisted of half a muffin with a poached egg on top and a small triangular brown roll with some toasted seeds on it. This was followed by a very modest mashed potato and cabbage portion, though both buttery, delicious, and again, a very modest pork belly slice, of which I left the fat and had the two small slices of meat (sorry vegans). I had a cup of coffee with soy milk and a champagne flute of elderflower presse with sparkling water (sugary cordial with elderflower).

I ate a boiled sweet.

I then had no further food until after another BIG GYM SESSION – YESSSS!

Legs this time. 4 minute run at 9.5km/hr to warm up, then:

Leg press machine. 90,100,110,120kg, with reps 12,12,10,10.

Leg extension machine. 40,55,65,75 kg, with reps 12,12,10,10

Dumbell dead lifts (ham strings). 18,20,22,24kg, reps: 10,10,10,10

 And I was ;listening to health supercharger and felt really empowered and motivated…

Then came

Calf raises using leg press machine. 90,100,90,90. Reps were 12+12fast; 12+4 fast; 12+8 fast; 12+12 fast.

Bodyweight lunges with backleg raised around 20cm. 4×10 left, x10 right.

I then listened to the self-confidence supercharger prototype and this made me realise I will make some small alterations to the audios before I release them. More on that another time.

It was then time to do aerobic. I have to admit I did not want to do a full 36 minutes of training with 12 x 30 second rests between the 3 minute rounds.

I completed though, fully. 1 round of boxing, averaging probably 100-120 punches per minute, maybe 180, I did not count, then a 30 second break. Then a run for around 2 minutes 30 to 3 minutes, followed by whatever was left of 3 minutes, and again, a 30 second break before the boxing round with the bag.

I split the top of the bag during one round, so I hope the gym can plaster it up for the weekend!

I then went home and had some delicious white fish, and some spinach salad. I had 1 portion of salmon sushi also, and I felt full. I stopped and had no further desire to eat.

Yesterday, I also ate sensible and well. I didn’t eat perfectly. I had two or three small chocolates this week. But I am not trying to restrict. I am trying to create permanent, lasting and sensible change, in an enjoyable way.

I had an amazing BCAA and protein shake also as a recovery shake at the gym today.

I am all in all very pleased with the progress in the first week. There are areas and elements I can see do need continuous application and effort. I began by saying that mind, spirit and body all required treatment. And I feel as though I have neglected spirit, and I would like to do more work around mind. Body is going well, and requires consistency in the application.

In the words of Arnie: I’ll be back.

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