Day 8 day 30 Days of Abundant Health, Radiance & Vibrant Vitality

Day 8 arrived today and I began the day with some positive thoughts. A new week, a new beginning. New decisions and better choices.

Breakfast was porridge made with hot water – I actually prefer it that way. And 2 amazing supplements I have take for many years from a very high quality, 30+ year old network marketing company with factories in Singapore, Taiwan, China and California.

I committed to drinking about 2 liters today and reckon I made it.

A lunch of tofu, miso and tofu soup, pan steamed roughage and a slice of chicken for lunch.

I then had a “second lunch of 2 halves of cheese sandwich and half an egg mayo sandwich, a Doritos and 600ml or so of Pepsi Max Cherry, after a very painful 90 minute massage.

My legs were still aching like mad after a huge leg workout on Friday consisting of roughly:

Leg press 4 sets; leg extension 4 sets; Calf raises 4 sets; dead lift 4 sets and finally 3 sets of lunges with raised back leg – I think I already shared this. Plus 12 rounds of alternate boxing and interval running.

I listened to about 1 hour of my specially made audios for self esteem, confidence and health today.

Amazingly instead of crashing when I had travelled 3 hours, I went to the gym again! Almost on autopilot – and did a big back and biceps workout followed by more interval running than I have ever done before. Workout consisted of:

Lat pull down: 

Reps: 12,10,10,4,15

Mass: 40; 50; 60; 70; 35 kg.

Close grip pulldown

Reps: 10,10,10,8

Mass: 30,40,50,60 kg

A kind of row (kneeling on bench, one leg on ground, lift dumbbell from extended arm to flexed arm to exercise back again)

Reps 10,10,10,10 (each arm individually)

Mass: 14,16,18,18 kg approx

Seated row (for lower back)

Reps: 10,10,10,6

KG: 25,30,35,45

Then it was time for biceps.

Seated curl

Reps: 10,10,10,8

Mass: 14,12+14,14+12,14

Where 12+14 I used a different weight in each arm to mix things up a bit.

Seated dumbbell shoulder press 

Reps: 10,10,10

Weight: 12+12, 12+14, 14+12

Biceps hammer curl.

10,10,10,10 each arm alternately, 14kg.

An instructor came over and gave a tip to rather than stand with feet apart shoulder width, put one fut forward like a “dragon stance” in kung fu almost.

This helps isolate the core and stops swinging to and fro with the back.

Finally using an EZ curl bar:

Full curl. 

Reps: 10,10,10,5

Weight: 20,15,15,15

“21s” consisting of 7x half rep (extended to half flexed, ie forearms parallel to the ground) then 7x half rep (half extended to full flexed, ie from half flexed to fully up-curled).

Reps. First one failed using 20kg on the bar.

I did further 4 sets of 21 reps with:

15,15,10,10 kg.

Wow quite a workout. Towards the end I felt very moody and some self loathing came up. I tried to counter this with the thought “I love my body” and giving myself a bit of a break, but it was challenging and I was tiring.

However, amazingly, and without being biased, I genuinely put this down to using my audios and also videos that are being created that bombard the subsconscious 1000s of times with positive, empowering beliefs, thoughts and ideas, I then found the energy to complete the longest interval training I have ever done.

There are great machines at the gym in Notting Hill, London where I train.

The techno gym running machine has a “dual speed” setting where you can programme 2 speeds to alternate between.

I set the machine to 5.5km per hour, which is a comfy walking pace for the 1 minute rests.

And 15km per hour for the 30 second intervals. I won’t call that a sprint. It is a run, and can be quite challenging once you have done 3+ rounds.

I normally do 6-7 rounds which takes about 10 minutes.

The music was fantastic – 90s anthems, including “let me be your fantasy” which is a good track, and some others, like “insomnia – the one with the rather ferociously sexual line: “making mad love on the heath (heath heath) … tearin’ off tights with ma teeth (teeth)!!!, that reminded me of clubbing in Brighton in my teens, also how come I never made mad love on the heath or tore off tights with my teeth? Never quite related to that one, but love the song… Knowing and liking the songs helps.

I managed to get to 20 minutes which I guess was.

1 minute rest then 




(3 minutes) 1







30 (9 minutes)








30 (15 mins)







1 (20 mins)

Counting up the 30s makes: 13 intervals.

Actually the penultimate one I did half extra (45 seconds)

So 13 and 1/2 – isn’t that incentally the Harry’s Potter Howarts train platform? Or nearly…

So an amazing workout.

And before you can say: “Health Freak”

Further meal consisted of “protein shake” with … “organic cucumber”

Lol. Simply don’t have a desire for anything else. Quite remarkable. But then I did work on the tech for the audios I will release soon, for over 10 Years before perfecting them to the degree that they are now pretty darn effective.

I also spent about 20 minutes writing my goals and 10 minutes identifying supportive and not so supportive beliefs around this 30 day challenge.

Will share the exercise tomorrow with you all.

Au revoir mes amis.

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