Days 9 and 10 of 30 Days to Radiant Health and Vibrant Vitality

On Day 9, I had a unsweetened almond milk porridge with supplements for breakfast and a buffet lunch at Lord’s Cricket Ground, reasonable portions, nothing overly-indulgent. I did have 2-3 quality street chocolates which were a prize.

I listened to approximately 30 minutes of my health supercharger audio.

For supper, I had 3 vegetarian Japanese dumplings, and a chicken kyatsu curry (breadcrumbed and fried chicken) with rice and green vegetables, including some seaweed.

In the evening I had a half a protein shake and caved to eating 3-4 Belvita softbakes, which are sugary biscuits basically, with chocolate chips, supposedly a ‘breakfast’ replacement. This was around 10.30pm at night. At 11pm I listened again to the health supercharger and took off my headphones after I had already fallen asleep, so I don’t know for how long.

For breakfast on day 10, which is today, I had porridge again, a larger bowl than normal, but still with unsweetened almond milk. I had the last softbake as well.

I had 2 further quality street chocolates as snacks during the day. I felt that they were sickly sweet and not tasty at all really. This could be a good sign that my body is really changing if I am rejecting chocolate as being revolting. That would be helpful.

Interestingly, I didn’t post that outside of shops I might normally go into for grazing purposes, I started to visualise a gigantic monster in the shape of a giant, really large excrement chasing me away at the door, to the point of frightening myself, which was kind of fun, and also a great deterrent from going into the stores and a) spending money unnecessarily and b) eating too much rubbish.

For lunch I had a very large jacket potato with coronation chicken and a very sickly rocky road / brownie, which I felt both sick and disgusted about. That and the Belvitas, I definitely regret. I did leave one half of the skin of the jacket. 

In the afternoon, I picked out another chocolate, but by the end of the day, I had put it back in the box as I didn’t want it. Progress there, if not perfection.

That was the dietary stuff over the last couple of days.

Physically, I can still feel the effects of the back and biceps workout, particularly the biceps part. 

I am getting distorted body image thinking, believing I am suddenly much more fat either than I was, or in opposition to any progress I have made. I believe the antidote to this to be relaxation and visualisation of a better outcome.

Spiritually, I said a few prayers this morning and today. 

Mentally, I would say that I’ve not been thoroughly confident or particularly happy today. I did listen to some of my self confidence supercharger earlier. I feel a bit tired, though I did sleep around 8-9 hours.

The beliefs I identified a couple of days ago are as follows and I will copy directly and word for word from my notebook:


Beliefs that empower and support

  • I’ve got all the resources I need.
  • I can do it
  • It’s God’s Will – I put in the footwork
  • This or something better
  • I’m empowered because I’ve a powerful brain and strategies
  • I enjoy being naturally thin and happy
  • I really care about achieving vibrant health and wellbeing
  • Being healthy is a part of being wealthy and successful
  • God desires for me to be radiantly healthy and well
  • My wellbeing matters. I’m actively participating in ensuring my wellbeing.

Beliefs that disempower

  • I always end up foul of cravings
  • If I mess up even a little, I’ll pile on the pounds
  • I deserve to be punished for failure
  • I can’t do this, it’s too hard
  • Something will happen that forces me back to square one
  • I’m doing it wrong
  • Others are all better than me
  • I need my parents’ approval (first).

Looking at these beliefs, I can put into better perspective what I wrote above about how I’ve been feeling and how I’ve been experiencing my last couple of days.

My conclusion is that I need to work on leveraging out those negative and unhelpful beliefs, using a belief changing process. Rather than try to tackle them all at once, I will choose two of them, and make a video, hopefully this evening of a belief changing process that uses the idea of compelling futures to generate a real decision that is motivated not only by thought and logic, but by a strong instinctual and emotional aspect. I will also incorporate a spiritual aspect, a little like the ‘white light’ visualisation in the Visual Squash exercise, which one could say has a spiritual element to it.

I also identified some “beliefs to adopt” during the Away Day at Lord’s. This time, I also included evidence, because beliefs often need ‘legs’ and identifying the legs – the evidence – including imaginary evidence – that supports the beliefs, it can re-inforce the beliefs.

It’s important to note that beliefs are just an imaginary structure. That’s why we can choose them and change them. They are helpful only in as far as supporting thinking, feelings, actions and behaviours that are desirable. However, they are imaginary constructs, no matter how real they appear.

 Beliefs To Adopt

  • I’ve delivered and continue to expect to deliver excellent value in important areas.
  • I can offer smiles and make people smile because I’m a terrific communicator.
  • I can show up and perform well in spite of myself, which anyway is good.
  • I’m knowledgable and helpful.
  • I’ve achieved so much and I deserve to be extremely successful.
  • I’m a high energy, high performing, high functioning MIRACLE MAN.
  • I have an empowering character and persnoality.
  • I’m highly skilled in quantitative, social research and publication.

I won’t list the evidence for each of these, but I found at least 3 pieces of evidence supporting each and found the exercise empowering.

I believe that really adopting beliefs that you identify and choose for yourself can act as a catalyst that converts potential positive emotional, thinking and behavioural energy into kinetic…

That’s all for now. Wish me luck.

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