Day 12 – Progress not perfection

There is a great maxim in 12 step Fellowships, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, some of the largest 12 Step Fellowships in the world, and that is ‘progress not perfection’. Today I need to accept, understand and apply that principles. The ‘flying start’ I was experiencing has been caught up with by ‘leaky’ behaviours into other areas, which have led back to complacency and and failure to adhere to the new principles not only of taking massive action towards the realisation of my dream of Radiant Health and Vibrant Vitality in 30 days, but into the self sabotage that I feared might be occurring a few days ago.

This is a really difficult one both to admit, and to deal with. I know for sure that I have the tools, strategies and resources to succeed and make massive progress. 

I haven’t yet applied the suggest steps around beliefs from yesterday. That’s still in my intention.

I also feel as though there is a suggestion here that somehow, somewhere, deep down, I just don’t want to experience and achieve the objective. This is again really crucial and takes me back to the visual squash idea that I posted a video about. 

The simple solution is to do that again, this time digging even deeper and trying to get to the very bottom of the subconscious part that seems so dead set against the easy and effortless attainment of radiant health and vibrant vitality, and to kindly nurture that part towards its fulfillment. 

I don’t believe we have a ‘self destruct’ whose own purpose is to self destruct and will continue to do so. At least, I don’t believe that this part needs to suffer to exist in such a way for the entirety of life. I don’t believe that we are like lemmings in that respect. And yet, there are people, many of them, who appear almost entirely self destructive, either through what we call mental illness, or through behaviours that amount to addictions of the worst kind, for example.

So it’s time to make friends with my inner self destructor, the self sabotageur and to see again whether I can get some unconscious harmony going between the part of me that wants high levels of health and wellbeing, longevity and great energy and functioning and that part which seems to associate a lot of pleasure, real or imagined, with taking three steps back which is where I’ve been at over the last three days.

Part of the journey folks! Let’s talk again soon…

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