Day 15 of 30 Days to Radiant Health and Vibrant Vitality

It’s day 15 and I managed to do a great workout, the chest and triceps part of my 3 day split training plan, followed by 6 rounds of 3 minutes boxing interspersed with 2.30 of interval running outdoors.

Completed 12 rounds and for the chest, new records on the lifting amount.

Consisting of:

Press – 20, 22, 24, 26 – 12,12,9,9 reps

Press inclined – 16,18,20,22 – 10,10,8,5 reps

Incline machine press – 25,30,35 – 10,10,10 reps

Supersets 21s – 7 lying flat pec curl, 7 flat press, 7 incline press with dumbells – 14kg

Then 12,10,10 triceps pushups on the bench, then 10,10 triceps pushups on the bench with feet up on another bench.

I will table up my workouts, taught to me by Jon Clarke of Evolution Gym in Sheffield, UK.

I am mainly using techno gym equipment and free weight dumbells.

Diet was a bit fatty over lunch, with a crumble flapjack sugary thing as well. So that could be reined in further, but not too over the top, did also eat a bag and a half of potato chips (crisps).

This evening seems like it will be sweet potato. Also a delicious beef cottage pie cooked by a mystery cook in my home.

I did the belief matrix from yesterday, but didn’t follow through as thoroughly as planned – it was a bit overly ambitious and perhaps no need to do it all at once.

Lesson learned – the triple paradox – Don’t try to boil the ocean, however, the Good is in Trying, and yet, Trying is Lying!

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