There is no failure only feedback

A neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) maxim or ‘pre-supposition’ states that ‘there is no failure, only feedback’… and the feedback I’ve been getting on my 30 day challenge has been that I need to go back to the basics, regroup and frankly, start over… these are the tools I have at my disposal and I believe ‘should work’ and yet the last application while some progress was made, did not lead to consistent and permanent results. In fact, like so many of the gurus say will be the result of ‘fad diets’, I’m back beneath square one – below where I started from – I’m fatter, less motivated and frankly less happy. Yet I have anough self awareness and ‘spiritual nous’ to realise that it is not a good idea to believe that I need to be fixed in order to be successful. So here are those tools:

  1. Neurolinguistic programming including:

  • The visual squash exercise
  • Sub-personality negotiation
  • Hypnosis and hypnotic commands
  • Future pacing
  • Visualisation using modalities and submodalities

2. Sedona method releasing. I’m well versed in various ways to ‘release’ and the application of various worksheets and methods of releasing using Sedona Method.

3. My own subliminal audio and video products, that I’m working on with Nathan Romano and planned to release here.

4. Goalsetting exercises.

5. Jorj Elprehzleinn’s ‘left side’ ‘right side’ lists method from Life Transformation Z.

6. Add to that books like Paul McKenna’s I can make you thin; Hypnotic Gastric Band and Easy Weigh to Lose Weight by Allen Carr, among others.

7. Knowledge of how to use gym effectively

8. Enjoyment of various sports

9. Knowledge of how to perform elementary to intermediate tai chi.

10. Knowledge of yoga warmups, basic and some intermediate asanas and pranayama (breathing).

11. Knwoledge of powerful meditation exercises.

12. Knowledge and ability to dive into 12 step programmes.

I also have a faith and practise prayer.

That’s a lot of resources right there. So it kind of angers me that there’s still seems to be a problem! Key challenges seem to be:

  • High performance workplace where I feel pressure to perform (self applied) – i.e. workplace stress being experienced
  • Tiredness at end of day and a desire just to couch potato all evenings, or eat out rather than exercise
  • Lack of sleep – not been sleeping well
  • Tendency to have big suppers
  • Cravings during the day and attempting to satisfy that through binges on sugary foods and carbs
  • Emotional instability – either at home, or away from home, at work.
  • Negative self talk – self loathing
  • Sense of constant battling, fighting and losing the fight every time I give in.

Frankly, I don’t know what the solutions are, so I’ll come back later when I’ve done some work on this.

I’m not ready to publish any products until I have results in this area! After that, I’ll publish. Promise.

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