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Day 12 – Progress not perfection

There is a great maxim in 12 step Fellowships, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, some of the largest 12 Step Fellowships in the world, and that is ‘progress not perfection’. Today I need to accept, understand and apply that principles. The ‘flying start’ I was experiencing has been caught up with by ‘leaky’ behaviours into other areas, which have led back to complacency and and failure …

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Day … 11

Belief mini-workshop on self. Few journal lines first. Reasonable day today, a lot less strict on what I was eating, and last night also had a bit of a biscuit binge, so definitely time to work on the dis-empowering beliefs I identified yesterday, and more importantly, to be kind and gentle, and keep going with what has been working very well up to now. The alternative seems to be a complete sabotage, which probably needs …

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Days 9 and 10 of 30 Days to Radiant Health and Vibrant Vitality

On Day 9, I had a unsweetened almond milk porridge with supplements for breakfast and a buffet lunch at Lord’s Cricket Ground, reasonable portions, nothing overly-indulgent. I did have 2-3 quality street chocolates which were a prize. I listened to approximately 30 minutes of my health supercharger audio. For supper, I had 3 vegetarian Japanese dumplings, and a chicken kyatsu curry (breadcrumbed and fried chicken) with rice and green vegetables, including some seaweed. In the …

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Day 8 day 30 Days of Abundant Health, Radiance & Vibrant Vitality

Day 8 arrived today and I began the day with some positive thoughts. A new week, a new beginning. New decisions and better choices. Breakfast was porridge made with hot water – I actually prefer it that way. And 2 amazing supplements I have take for many years from a very high quality, 30+ year old network marketing company with factories in Singapore, Taiwan, China and California. I committed to drinking about 2 liters today …

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