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Models of Success

There is no failure only feedback

A neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) maxim or ‘pre-supposition’ states that ‘there is no failure, only feedback’… and the feedback I’ve been getting on my 30 day challenge has been that I need to go back to the basics, regroup and frankly, start over… these are the tools I have at my disposal and I believe ‘should work’ and yet the last application while some progress was made, did not lead to consistent and permanent results. In …

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Days 23 and 24 of 30 Days to Radiant Health and Vibrant Vitality

Spent around 90 minutes listening to amazing subliminal audios, including during the following run. Eating still half on and half off – binge last night, and chocolate this evening – affecting the quality of weight loss. But very happy to have achieved the best part of a 10km run with almost no breaks (except for 3 traffic lights). 9.23 km run through 3 parks of central London

Days 19,20,21,22 of 30 Days to Radiant Health and Vibrant Vitality

Things have been continuing to go reasonably well. 7.5km run, eating more healthily. More work needs to be done though going way … back to earlier postings on beliefs, in order to keep the momentum for the final week. Definitely experienced some slippage on some days, with sugars. But on the whole there have been breakthroughs around eating more sensibly and getting more out of exercise.

Days 16, 17 and 18

I cannot believe 3 days flew by. Well 16 and 17 are a bit of a blur, but I did eat fairly much alright. It’s no way perfect, but it’s an improvement on prior to day 1. Today I went for a 7.5km run. I am feeling happier and confident that my 30 programme is working, but I am also conscious of the backsliding as well, including not keeping to my initial daily content commitment. …

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Day 15 of 30 Days to Radiant Health and Vibrant Vitality

It’s day 15 and I managed to do a great workout, the chest and triceps part of my 3 day split training plan, followed by 6 rounds of 3 minutes boxing interspersed with 2.30 of interval running outdoors. Completed 12 rounds and for the chest, new records on the lifting amount. Consisting of: Press – 20, 22, 24, 26 – 12,12,9,9 reps Press inclined – 16,18,20,22 – 10,10,8,5 reps Incline machine press – 25,30,35 – …

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